Alphora Research Inc. Completes $2M Capital Investment

Adds Flow Chemistry and Process Chemistry Tools

July 2014: Alphora is pleased to announce that it has completed $2M in capital investments, adding two Flow Chemistry platforms and additional process chemistry and analytical technologies to its toolbox. These additions represent a significant investment for Alphora and strengthen its process development focus to support GMP scale-up of small molecule lead candidates for successful clinical applications and commercialization.

Specifically, Alphora acquired two Chemtrix and one Vapourtech continuous flow chemistry units for R&D and Kilo Lab scales, an HEL PolyBlock parallel chemistry system, two Biotage Dalton LC/MS units, an Agilent SD-2 prep-HPLC system with 2”, 3” and 4” columns, VirTis lyophilization system, Pope Wiped-Film evaporator, QDa mass spectrometry detector and three Waters H-Class UPLC’s.

These new technologies were added in response to an increased market demand for comprehensive process chemistry services, which allows Alphora to ensure its clients continue to receive “the right development at the right time.” In particular, over the last several years Alphora has provided transformative process chemistry expertise for late stage programs including route development to address process economics and DOE studies for QbD considerations to identify critical process parameters and safe operating ranges.

Alphora Research provides API technology development services to the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries that include process chemistry, analytical development and validation services, as well as GMP scale-up capabilities to the Pilot Plant scale. These services cover both early stage projects, where speed and quality are imperative, and later stage projects, where process economics and commercialization are vital. Alphora also provides niche commercial manufacturing and has conducted validation efforts in advance of market launch.

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Jan Oudenes, Alphora Research is staffed by 85 employees, operates FDA inspected and approved operations that total 45,000 sq. ft. which include synthetic laboratories, analytical laboratories, GMP Kilo Laboratories, GMP Pilot Plant, GMP stability studies, supporting QC/QA and can handle high potency and cytotoxic compounds.

For additional information on this news release or about Alphora, please contact:

Geoff Evans
VP, Business Operations

Matt Frizzle
Manager, Business Development

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