Capsugel Expands DRcaps™ Capsule Platform with New Liquid-Fill Capability

Capsugel has developed a technology that makes its vegetarian, acid-resistant DRcaps™ hard capsules suitable for liquid-fill applications.  As a result, Capsugel’s customers can now bring the benefits of DRcaps capsules – including resistance to stomach acid and taste/odor-masking – to liquid-based dietary supplements. 

Capsugel’s DRcaps capsules are made of an innovative vegetarian polymer that slows down capsule opening after swallowing, effectively masks the unpleasant tastes and odors of certain ingredients, and reduces the aftertaste caused by such ingredients as garlic – all without the need for shellac coatings.  As a result, the capsules have gained a strong appeal for customers seeking optimal delivery of acid-sensitive ingredients.  

“Since their launch in 2011, DRcaps capsules have been a win-win for customers and consumers alike, which is why we are so excited to extend the platform beyond powder-filled capsules to now benefit our customers’ liquid-filled products as well,” said Peter Zambetti, Capsugel’s Director of Global Business Development, Health & Nutrition.  “As a vegetarian solution, our DRcaps capsules can now help even more of our customers meet the demands of today’s health-conscious consumers who are increasingly seeking clean-label options.”

Because of their acid-resistant properties, DRcaps capsules are ideally suited for highly acid-sensitive supplements – including probiotics, enzymes and certain sports nutrition ingredients – which work best in the intestines. To bring these same properties to liquid-filled capsules, Capsugel is combining its new vegetarian banding technology with its industry-leading, proprietary liquid-fill platform.  This combination is what enables, for the first time, a fully vegetarian, acid-resistant capsule for liquid-filled products.  This capability will initially be available to Capsugel’s global customers through the company’s Dosage Form Solutions facility in Greenwood, S.C.

Capsugel’s DRcaps capsules have become increasingly popular since their debut four years ago, achieving strong double-digit sales growth in each subsequent year.

“Capsugel is thrilled with the positive customer and consumer response to our DRcaps capsules, which have quickly become a ‘go-to’ solution for the delivery of acid-sensitive powdered ingredients,” said Mark Vieceli, Director of Sales, Americas Region.  “We anticipate similar success with customers seeking effective delivery strategies for liquid ingredients that are acid-sensitive or that can cause an unpleasant aftertaste, including omega-3 fish oils.”
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