Survey Reveals Significant Need for Increased Consumer Education on Clinical Trials

SubjectWell, a provider of a risk-free patient recruitment marketplace for clinical trials, today announced the release of their report on consumer perceptions of clinical trials.  The SubjectWell Survey of Clinical Trial Awareness and Attitudes reveals significant education is still needed around the existence of clinical trials. Half of those surveyed (50%) had never heard of clinical trials, and only 31% felt confident or very confident that they would know how to get information about clinical trials. 

Despite low awareness, 47% of respondents reported a somewhat positive or very positive perception toward clinical trials – further indicating that increased education efforts can help CROs and sites better meet their trial enrollment goals. 

"It is no secret that enrolling patients in clinical trials continues to be an industry challenge," said Ivor Clarke, VP of Strategy at SubjectWell.  "The good news is that most Americans demonstrate a willingness to participate in clinical trials; however, they just don't know what trials exist and where to start.  By embracing more modern recruitment strategies, CROs, sites, and pharma companies have the opportunity to connect with a more diverse population of candidates and fulfill enrollment goals more quickly."

Key findings from the Clinical Trials Perception survey include:

  • Continued Consumer Education about Clinical Trials is Needed – Half of respondents (50%) had never heard of clinical trials, and the majority (57%) did not recall any advertising for a clinical trial. 
  • Opportunity Exists to Grow Use of Online Media – When an advertisement for a clinical trial was recalled, only 19% of respondents recalled seeing an Internet ad versus 69% in traditional media such as TV, radio or print.
  • The Internet is as Popular as Doctors for Learning More about Clinical Trials – When asked how they would educate themselves further about clinical trials, 15% of respondents chose searching the Internet as a first step versus 11% who said they would talk to their physician or healthcare provider.

For more information, download the full Survey of Clinical Trial Awareness and Attitudes here:

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