Pfizer Launched Pfizer CentreOne; Its Newly Combined Global CMO

Pfizer’s combined contract manufacturing organization, officially launches today.  The multi-specialty CMO focuses on API synthesis and sterile injectables fill-finish. The company was born of the union of Pfizer CentreSource, a global leader in specialty APIs, and Hospira One 2 One, one of the world’s premier sterile-injectables CMOs. Pfizer acquired Hospira in September 2015.

 “As a combined organization, we’ve brought together the best of our manufacturing capabilities to provide a wider array of services and technologies to our biopharmaceutical partners,” said Peter Stevenson, Vice President and General Manager of Pfizer CentreOne.  “Although Pfizer CentreOne is a new name, we’ve been providing contract manufacturing services for more than 40 years and are committed to further growing our business.”  Mr. Stevenson continued, “If you’re our biopharma partner, we’re dedicated to you for the long haul.”

Pfizer CentreOne is aligned into two primary areas of expertise:  API and drug product.  Specific focuses are:

  • Small-molecule steroid and hormone intermediates and APIs
  • Custom small-molecule API synthesis, and
  • Sterile injectables fill-finish

Pfizer CentreOne is a self-contained CMO embedded within Pfizer, with its own dedicated team that reports through Pfizer’s commercial organization. 

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