Avista Pharma Solutions Announces Facility Expansion

Avista Pharma Solutions, Inc. has initiated a significant expansion and enhancement of its contract testing facility in Agawam, Mass. This facility offers Microbiology and Analytical Chemistry testing services as well as Cleanroom services (supporting environmental monitoring, qualification and certification) and has been dedicated to providing these best-in-class services to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries for over 25 years.

Expansion of the 26,000-square-foot facility includes a new microbiology laboratory equipped with isolator technology for sterility testing and expansion of the analytical footprint along with a laboratory support area with new autoclaves and glassware washers. The capital investment supports Avista Pharma's commitment to superior quality testing services and will further support the comprehensive service offerings at the facility. These services include raw material and finished product release testing, ICH stability and storage, container closure integrity testing (CCIT), water system testing and validation, cleanroom monitoring and risk assessments, microbial identification via both MicroSEQ®ID (rapid 16S rDNA sequencing) and Vitek®MS (MALDI-TOF), mycoplasma testing, Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing (AET), Microbial Enumeration Testing (MET), endotoxin and bioburden testing and disinfectant efficacy qualifications. The new sterility testing via isolator technology adds to the expanding service offerings for pharmaceutical manufacturing clients with facility expansion expected to be completed by June, 2016.

"We remain committed to providing best-in-class Microbiology, Analytical Chemistry and Cleanroom services," said Patrick Walsh, Chief Executive Officer of Avista Pharma. "This expansion will complement our existing capabilities and will expand our industry-leading services for pharmaceutical and medical device clients."

Mr. Walsh continued, "Our significant investment in new capabilities, along with strong growth in our core business, have enabled Avista Pharma to rapidly expand its service offerings. This latest capital investment is part of our ongoing strategic plan to offer a full range of scientifically-differentiated services to our pharmaceutical, animal health and medical device clients."

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