Rich Pharmaceuticals Retains Theradex Systems to Advance Its Hodgkin's Lymphoma Indication

Rich Pharmaceuticals has entered into an additional agreement with Theradex Systems, a global Contract Research Organization, to assist the company in submitting a protocol to the US FDA for Hodgkin's Lymphoma under the company's existing Investigational New Drug Application (IND).

"We selected Theradex to assist the Company in pursuing our proposed studies in Hodgkin's Lymphoma because of Theradex's invaluable assistance in finalizing our prior IND with the FDA for Rich's lead drug RP-323 in patients with AML," said Ben Chang, CEO of Rich.  

Hodgkin's lymphoma is a cancer that is found most frequently in two different age groups: 15 – 35 and over 55, and occurs in both sexes although it is more common in males and individuals with HIV. Malignant Reed Sternberg cells invade and destroy the architecture of the lymph nodes and infiltrate major organs such as the liver and spleen.  Radiation and chemotherapy are used routinely but these treatments can later result in morbidity and mortality as a result of causing second malignancies.  In the U.S., over 100,000 people suffer from Hodgkin's lymphoma. 
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