Crown Bioscience Strengthens Global Immuno-Oncology Platform with Immunophenotyping Service Offering

Crown Bioscience has announced the strengthening of its global Immuno-Oncology Platform at all its key facilities in Europe, USA, and Asia to support client’s needs with a comprehensive collection of validated models and services for in vivo pharmacodynamic and efficacy studies.

“In response to the growing demand for Immuno-Oncology translational services, CrownBio is now able to offer at its local facilities immunophenotyping analysis, including multi-color flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry and multiplex ELISA on our world-leading collection of Immuno-Oncology models, to rapidly profile and investigate the impact of experimental therapies on both murine and human immune systems,” said Jean Pierre Wery, President of Crown Bioscience.

CrownBio’s unique collections of well-characterized and validated syngeneic models profiled for checkpoint inhibitors, as well as the novel MiXeno, MuPrime, HuGEMM and humanized PDX platforms can all be extensively profiled using these immunophenotyping capacities for both pretreatment baseline and post treatment pharmacodynamic readouts to understand the impact on the immune system.

“In particular, single cell-based FACS analysis has become a standard and essential tool to investigate the impact of Immuno-Oncology therapy in both murine and humanized systems in the preclinical setting. Our ability to perform FACS analysis locally as part of our in vivo services offering will undoubtedly represent a key add-on technology for our clients” said Henry Li, Vice President of Translational Oncology at Crown Bioscience. “The ability to gate different sub-populations of T lymphocytes and myeloid compartment provides a rapid way for our clients to understand the impact of both single and combination therapies to significantly extend the reach of potential therapeutic effect across a larger population of patients,” continued Li.
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