Teewinot Life Sciences Licenses Biosynthetic Technology to AMRI for First Commercially Available CBCA Analytical Standard

Teewinot Life Sciences Corporation and Albany Molecular Research, Inc. (AMRI) have announced that AMRI licensed Teewinot's technology to produce and sell the first commercially available cannabichromene acid (CBCA) analytical standard. The CBCA analytical standard is manufactured using Teewinot's patented biosynthetic processes. Teewinot's proprietary processes involve the expression of cannabinoid biosynthetic genes in microorganisms for efficient production of large quantities of cannabinoids. 

"Interest in capturing the therapeutic value of cannabinoids is on the upswing for basic research as well as for pharmaceutical development," said William Marth, president and CEO of AMRI. "As such, companies will need tools that help them ensure their development programs meet the rigorous requirements for drug development. AMRI is continually evaluating and developing technologies for practical production of new, or difficult to synthesize molecules to enhance efficiency and/or quality."

Cannabinoids have therapeutic potential in a number of areas including oncology, pain relief and inflammation, yet until recently, few companies have pursued their study as therapeutic agents. Efforts to advance cannabinoid compounds into therapeutic development will require rigorous testing for quality, safety and efficacy. This unique analytical standard is one tool that can facilitate research, development, and quality control for pharmaceutical applications of cannabinoids.

"We opted to work with AMRI to scale up the production of our CBCA standard because the company has a global footprint and an exceptional reputation within the field of bioprocess development," said Richard Peet, Teewinot's executive vice president. "Partnering with a leader like AMRI will ensure that the standards available using our biosynthetic platform are consistent and results achieved with them are reproducible."
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