Alphora Research Proceeds with $8M Plant Expansion

Alphora is pleased to announce its decision to expand plant operations with an $8M capital investment. The expansion will double the size of the plant operations, adding additional 500L, 200L and 50L vessels. The new plant is expected to be fully validated and operational by July 2017.

The addition will complement existing operations, providing additional capacity for new business and redundancy to support commercial programs. Alphora has an active pipeline of near-commercial molecules, with approvals anticipated as early as late 2016. As well, Alphora has a growing client base and the additional capacity will provide for further growth.

Alphora Research Inc. provides API Technology Development and scale-up services for complex small molecules, including niche API’s, high potency and cytotoxic compounds. Our services cover IND enabling development, phase II & III, and commercial manufacturing of niche API’s.

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Jan Oudenes, Alphora Research is staffed by 100 employees, and is FDA inspected and approved. Their 50,000 sq. ft. facilities include synthetic laboratories, analytical laboratories, GMP Kilo Laboratories, GMP Pilot Plant, GMP high potency & cytotoxic and GMP warehousing. 

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