Whitehouse Laboratories Announces Disinfectant Efficacy Testing Capability

Whitehouse Laboratories, a division of AMRI, announced the addition of Disinfectant Efficacy testing capability to its Microbiology Laboratory. Clients will now have the opportunity to test their disinfectants for effectiveness based on AOAC and USP 1072 Disinfectants and Antiseptics.

"The cleaning and disinfection process in any manufacturing environment should be well-defined and validated," said Brandon Zurawlow, associate director of container closure integrity testing. "Whitehouse Labs is pleased to offer this service to our customers as part of our mission of providing unrivaled analytical support of API to finished product packaging."

This addition follows the recent additions of Endotoxin Testing per USP 85, Water for Pharmaceutical Purposes USP 1231, and Biological Reactivity Testing per USP 87. Whitehouse labs plans to introduce genotoxicity testing per OECD 471 and ISO 10993-4 AMES assays, as well as viral and microbial ingress and viral and bacterial filter retention testing in the near future.
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