Strata Oncology Announces Collaboration with Epizyme to Support Tazemetostat Clinical Development

Strata Oncology, a precision oncology company, has announced an agreement with Epizyme to support patient identification and enrollment for Epizyme's ongoing Phase 2 clinical trial of tazemetostat in patients with relapsed or refractory non-Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL).

Tazemetostat is an oral, first-in-class EZH2 inhibitor being investigated in multiple ongoing clinical trials. Early clinical data suggest tazemetostat has encouraging clinical activity and a favorable safety profile in patients with relapsed and refractory NHL.

Strata Oncology is conducting the Strata Trial, an observational study that will provide no-cost tumor sequencing to 100,000 advanced cancer patients, and matching to a portfolio of pharma-sponsored targeted therapy clinical trials. Launched December of 2016, the Strata Trial represents an unprecedented approach to dramatically increase patient access to precision medicine and accelerate development of significant new therapies.

As part of the Strata Trial, Strata Oncology will identify individuals with NHL whose tumors have EZH2 activating mutations for potential enrollment into Epizyme's ongoing Phase 2 clinical trial.

"This collaboration with Epizyme exemplifies Strata's commitment to selecting the most promising precision medicine programs for our portfolio of pharma-sponsored trials," said Dan Rhodes, Ph.D., CEO of Strata Oncology. "The addition of tazemetostat to Strata's growing portfolio of programs furthers our goal of providing cancer patients with greater access to clinical trials specific to their cancer type."

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