TraceLink and Advanco Partner to Simplify Serialization Line Management Integration

TraceLink Inc. has announced a partnership with Advanco to support pharmaceutical manufacturers with the integration of line management and enterprise systems when complying with new serialization regulations.

The agreement will see TraceLink resell Advanco’s ARC® Suite software, an industry-leading software solution that integrates packaging lines and enterprise serialization repositories. It will allow pharmaceutical and contract manufacturing companies to utilize multiple line management systems, providing purchasing flexibility, while also simplifying integration with the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud at the enterprise and network level for serialization.

As the leading provider for enterprise and network system Levels 4 and 5, TraceLink will offer the Advanco ARC Suite software to customers looking for a consistent global site server solution that is independent of the Line Management System (LMS).
“Pharmaceutical and contract manufacturers continue to face a number of challenges in synchronizing multiple interconnected packaging levels in order to comply with serialization regulations. TraceLink and Advanco recognized the need to provide a flexible option for the industry to cut down on time-consuming and costly integrations between line management and enterprise systems and efficiently comply with serialization regulations,” said Shabbir Dahod, president and CEO of TraceLink.

“TraceLink is partnering with the industry’s leading companies, such as Advanco, to deliver flexible, scalable solutions, quality implementation services and proven production integrations to its customers. These partnerships supplement our ongoing and active involvement with interoperability standards and industry workgroups such as Open-SCS and GS1, which demonstrate TraceLink’s commitment to working collaboratively with industry to reduce risk and ensure optimal compliance for all members of the pharmaceutical supply chain.
ARC Suite will streamline integration across all LMS solutions and remove any restrictions associated with purchasing from multiple line vendors resulting from implementing a proprietary site server. This simplified, interoperable approach through TraceLink and Advanco will allow manufacturers to leverage any combination of line management solutions, while improving procurement and deployment flexibility.

Olgun Yenersoy, founder and CEO of Advanco added: “TraceLink is the global leader in serialization and track and trace at the enterprise level because its proven Life Sciences Cloud serialization platform enables more than 500 pharmaceutical manufacturers, CMOs, distributors, 3PLs and dispensers to exchange data with over 248,000 supply chain partners. The TraceLink and Advanco integration offers true simplicity in system integration and will help facilitate smoother deployment of serialization solutions for all packaging levels. We look forward to this partnership with TraceLink and working collaboratively to help the industry achieve compliance in the EU, US and other global markets.”
Eric Tjoa, CEO of Tjoapack, commented: “As a customer of both TraceLink and Advanco, we’re able to offer easy integration across all line levels, well ahead of the US and EU deadlines, while continuing to guarantee the highest quality of services for our customer base. The partnership between TraceLink and Advanco gives us increased flexibility, particularly for our customers that need options for leveraging different line management strategies, ranging from a single system to several large line management systems. Seamless integration is a core component to success for serialization and an integral factor for pharmaceutical manufacturers to achieve compliance on time.

“We are thrilled about this partnership and will be discussing the benefits of simplified line-level integration with both companies at our upcoming serialization event on March 30 at Tjoapack headquarters.” 

In addition, customers who purchase ARC Suite by Advanco from TraceLink will be able to rely on TraceLink’s global customer success team for implementation assistance and ongoing technical support, further streamlining the user experience by coordinating support resources through TraceLink.


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