Endpoint and Clinical Ink Announce Industry-First Alliance

Endpoint Clinical and Clinical Ink have teamed up to integrate interactive response technology (IRT) and eSource in order to create a seamless user experience for investigator sites.


“The workload on investigator sites has steadily increased over the years; each technology advancement requires the site to learn new tools, remember more usernames and passwords and work with yet another siloed dataset for reporting,” Chuck Harris, CEO, endpoint said. “By integrating our technologies, we enable clinicians to focus their energy on what matters the most — patient care.”

This collaboration integrates Clinical Ink’s SureSource eSource platform and endpoint’s PULSE IRT. Clinicians electronically record protocol-required source data while accessing best-in-class IRT functionality to randomize patients and manage mission-critical clinical supply information through a single system during the patient visit.

“Clinical Ink’s novel approach to capture clinical trial source data electronically during a patient visit coupled with endpoint’s IRT solution is a tremendous benefit for both sites and sponsors,” Jonathan Andrus, COO, Clinical Ink said. “From the site perspective, it just made sense for us to collaborate — both the IRT and eSource system rely on the same patient data; our combined solution reduces the effort and risk of managing data across multiple platforms, helping to improve protocol execution.”

Otsuka Pharmaceutical has provided support and guidance as this relationship evolved. Otsuka’s early adoption of eSource and vision of how other systems could be integrated created momentum for this industry-first initiative.

“This effort not only improves the day-to-day operations and compliance of our clinical studies, but improves the speed with which we can obtain insights into study data,” Shashank Rohatagi, PhD, MBA, Leader, Data Sciences, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development and Commercialization said. “In addition to reducing the burden on clinical site personnel, the ability to increasingly integrate our clinical trial systems is key to real-time access and insights of our clinical trial data — something not feasible in the past.”

Combining eSource and IRT benefits both sites and sponsors by simplifying the critical randomization and tedious supply accountability tasks that typically require so much time and effort. Clinical Ink and endpoint Clinical are committed to continuously improving the utility of this industry-first alliance to reduce the burden on sites and improve data quality for sponsors.

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