Vivli Collaborates with Microsoft, BlueMetal on New Global Clinical Trial Data Platform

Vivli has collaborated with BlueMetal to build a data sharing platform for clinical trial research, powered by Microsoft Azure. The platform, which will include a data repository, analysis tools and a dynamic search engine, will provide transparency and access to clinical research from around the globe, break out data from existing silos, and accelerate scientific discovery to improve human health.

Vivli, Microsoft, and BlueMetal will focus on addressing the specific data sharing challenges faced by clinical researchers worldwide. The clinical research and pharmaceutical markets demand a one-stop-shop platform to aggregate research studies, provide an easy-to-use search interface, and offer tools for select data analysis. Using this platform, public and private institutions worldwide will be able to optimize time, effort and financial resources spent on research, as well as unearth new insights that will lead to critical discoveries.

“Vivli is delighted to partner with Microsoft and BlueMetal to bring this solution to the community,” said Dr. Rebecca Li, Vivli Co-Founder. “Our collaboration with Microsoft and BlueMetal brings together long-standing leaders in technology and digital health to transform how clinical trial data is mined to improve human health. Vivli will continue to work closely with our major private and public stakeholders throughout the development process as the platform transitions quickly from the development stage to a formal launch in 2018.”

Maintaining security and privacy of data was paramount for Vivli’s decision to choose Microsoft Azure, the company’s cloud computing platform. Azure’s global scale, flexibility and $1B USD investment in security per year will help ensure that data shared on the Vivli platform is secure.

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