, VWR Collaborate to Create an End-to-End Online Research Solution announced its collaboration with VWR. VWR customers in the U.S. can now purchase custom products and research services through The VWR Science portal powered by

“We are excited to offer this unique solution that enables our customers to source what they need for their research,” Manuel Brocke-Benz, CEO of VWR said. “By leveraging sourcing capabilities, VWR customers now have access to an extended network of CRO suppliers who can support their research and laboratory needs.”

Both and VWR seek to accelerate scientific progress by reducing complexity when sourcing the tools and technologies needed to drive innovation.’s network of 2,100 qualified suppliers provides access to thousands of custom products and research services, including protein production, chemical synthesis, next generation sequencing and the entire range of investigational new drug (IND) studies. This collaboration will enhance VWR’s current product and service offerings to scientists, researchers, educators, medical professionals and engineers.

“VWR’s large global presence will enable to help tens of thousands of pharmaceutical, biotech, government, non-profit and academic researchers,” stated Daniel Kagan,’s Chief Operating Officer. “Together VWR and enable researchers to more easily test their next potentially game-changing idea.”

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