Ncardia, Evotec Entered into Licencing Agreement for Disease Modelling Using iPS Cells

Ncardia have entered into a global non-exclusive IP licensing agreement with Evotec. The financial terms of the agreements are not disclosed.

Under the terms of the agreement, Evotec has broad access to Ncardia’s stem cell derived cellular disease modelling IP. The patent family encompasses the use of in vitro derived cells for testing drug efficacy, safety and target discovery.

“Ncardia’s mission is to support and enable our clients to develop better medicines faster. The combination of iPSC derived disease models with phenotypic screening is an extremely powerful method to identify new drug candidates,” Dr. Stefan Braam, CEO Ncardia, said. “This second license agreement in the course of two months validates Ncardia’s IP position and marks a further step in Ncardia technology strategy aimed at addressing the potential of stem cell applications in the drug discovery and development market."

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