Zymergen Acquires Radiant Genomics

Zymergen announced the acquisition of Radiant Genomics. The addition brings Radiant Genomics’ metagenomic technologies and accompanying genetic libraries to Zymergen’s core platform, accelerating Zymergen’s ability to identify and commercialize novel molecules used in a range of industries.

Estimates suggest that less than one percent of natural diversity has been easily accessible to scientists, and yet even this small percentage has provided billions of dollars of value. Radiant Genomics has developed a robust industrial platform for natural product and gene discovery that allows scientists to rapidly identify, produce, and test products encoded in the genomes of millions of organisms not easily grown in the lab, circumventing cultivation barriers.

“Radiant Genomics was launched with the same vision that drove us to start Zymergen – that the next great wave of innovation will come from biology,” said Joshua Hoffman, Zymergen CEO. “The molecules biology produces on its own could provide solutions to some of the toughest challenges across industries. Radiant has built an unparalleled platform and set of libraries to search genetic diversity that will allow us to search for these molecules of interest, extending our ability to produce useful molecules for materials that can transform the world around us.”

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