Saneca Renews Pharmascience Agreement Following Successful Quality Audit

Saneca Pharma has renewed an agreement with Pharmascience for the manufacture and supply of prescription medicines in tablet form.

The agreement, which follows a successful GMP audit held in January 2018, includes the manufacture of 600 million enteric, chewable and film-coated tablets (RX medicines) per year. It will also involve R&D and laboratory analyses related to existing and emerging formulations, as well as technical support in delivery to the Canadian market.

“Pharmascience is a big name in the pharmaceutical industry, so it’s great to work with them on a project of this size,” Markus Saal, sales director at Saneca Pharma said. “Saneca Pharma produces large number of tablets for customers every year and has a huge amount of expertise, especially in solid dose manufacturing. By delivering both development and manufacturing services, we’re also able to simplify the tech transfer process to commercial production and streamline our customers’ projects, saving time and costs. We’re confident we’ll be able to add value to this project by combining our in-depth knowledge and our wide range of capabilities.”

The agreement consists of nine different stock keeping units (SKUs), covering a number of therapeutic areas.

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