Agilent Expands Logistics Center in Texas

Agilent Technologies announced that it is breaking ground on a 15,000-square-foot expansion of the company’s logistics center in Cedar Creek, Texas.

The facility will be equipped with cold chain storage necessary for temperature-sensitive genomic and bioreagent products. Added logistics services will provide efficient and centralized distribution to laboratories throughout the Americas.

“Following in the wake of recent natural disasters and severe weather events, we are taking steps to further ensure continuous service to customers,” said Henrik Ancher-Jensen, senior vice president, Agilent, and president, Order Fulfillment and Supply Chain. “Our regional warehouses around the world must be able to fulfill evolving customer needs, while a robust and flexible logistics network supports business continuity.”

“Our aim is to always enhance the customer experience,” said Sam Raha, who was recently appointed as president of the Diagnostics and Genomics Group at Agilent. “We strive for excellence and consistency at all levels of our organization.”

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