Alcami Announces New Analytical Testing Turnaround Time

Alcami Corporation announces the advancement of the drug development process with the company’s new, dramatically-reduced analytical testing turnaround times. Alcami continues to set the industry standard with its analytical testing offering, and through operational excellence, streamlined processes, and technical knowledge and expertise, has reduced timelines by up to 30 percent.

“At Alcami, your timeline is our timeline,” said Alcami Chief Commercial Officer, Syed T. Husain. “We have made efficient, rapid, and reliable turnaround time a priority, as part of our commitment to bring our clients’ products through the clinic and to market first, while delivering the highest level of quality and finest customer experience in the industry.”

Alcami provides analytical testing services for manufacturers’ new drug entities, generics, animal health products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, raw materials, in-process goods, medicated consumer health products, chemicals, biologics, and biopharmaceuticals.

Effective June 1, 2018, Alcami will execute analytical testing for chemistry services in seven business days, from sample receipt to report or certificate of analysis release. The current industry turnaround is approximately 10 days. The company will also offer basic microbiology analysis in 12 days. Additionally, Alcami will offer new augmented rush timelines to better accommodate customers with urgent needs and stricter manufacturing schedules.

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