Admescope Launches Services for Biologics

Admescope announced the launch of services for a new Biologics category.

The number of drug development projects with biological drugs has been continuously increasing over the past decade and therefore, the expansion to serve this growing market was a logical continuation for Admescope’s service development, after having previously built a strong and comprehensive service portfolio for the research of small molecules and peptides. To answer to the growing demand for services for large molecule development projects, Admescope initiated the R&D program for Biologics in 2017, and has been performing initial customer projects since summer of 2018.

At launch, Admescope’s service offering for biological drugs consists of protein molecular weight and structural characterisation, targeted protein quantification (LC/MS and ELISA), peptide mapping and detection of post-translational modifications, and protein pharmacokinetics. The R&D project continues also after the commercial launch of the initial service offering, and further services for biologics will be introduced still during this year.

“We are thrilled to add another notable step on our growth path this year, following the successful acquisition of MetaSafe AB in June,” Dr. Ari Tolonen, CEO of Admescope said. “With the group of experienced protein scientists that we have recruited for our Biologics’ team, we are able to serve the growing segment of biological drug development with the same high quality and expertise that our customers are used to with our services for small molecules and peptides. The launch of services for biologics enables us to address a new customer segment, as well as offer an even broader service portfolio to our existing ones.”

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