CAMP4 Announces Rare Disease Research Collaboration with Alnylam

CAMP4 Therapeutics announced a research collaboration with Alnylam Pharmaceuticals focused on identifying new druggable targets to address an undisclosed rare disease of the liver with a significant unmet need. The collaboration brings together CAMP4’s knowledge in rapidly pinpointing signaling targets that control the expression of genes with Alnylam’s expertise in RNAi therapeutics development to advance novel rare disease drug candidates.

“We are excited to partner with Alnylam given its leadership in the RNAi and liver disease space and our companies’ shared commitment to advancing new medicines to address critical unmet patient needs,” said Josh Mandel-Brehm, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CAMP4. “Our Gene Circuitry Platform is yielding the first-ever, comprehensive and dynamic understanding of the Cellular Operating System™ used by human liver cells to regulate the activation of genes and is applicable to any disease-associated genes in the liver. We look forward to applying this knowledge to elucidate the optimal targets Alnylam can explore for potential RNAi intervention for a disease where there are currently no available treatment options.”

Under the terms of the collaboration, CAMP4 will lead all activities to predict and validate disease-modifying targets in signaling pathways. Alnylam will lead in vivo proof-of-concept activities and may elect a target against which to develop RNAi therapies at the completion of the research term. CAMP4 will receive an undisclosed upfront payment from Alnylam as well as milestone payments upon successful achievement of in vitro proof of concept and target election. CAMP4 is further eligible to receive development, approval and sales milestones plus royalties on products developed against the elected target.

“CAMP4’s Gene Circuitry Platform provides an innovative approach to target identification and is in line with Alnylam’s strategy to fuel its R&D engine ensuring sustainable growth,” said Kevin Fitzgerald, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Research at Alnylam. “We welcome this collaboration and are excited for its potential to yield targets implicated in disease settings for which RNAi can be of therapeutic value.”

CAMP4 is combining experimental and computational techniques to discover how every gene responds to its environment through signaling. The company is deriving algorithms to explain how signaling pathways control the transcriptional machinery used by each cell to regulate the output of every disease-associated gene (i.e., the Cellular Operating System). Starting in the liver, CAMP4 is using its proprietary Gene Circuitry Platform to rapidly predict and validate the most effective targets to control gene expression across hundreds of diseases where hepatocytes are core to the pathology, including a large number of rare diseases. The company is aggressively mapping the Cellular Operating Systems of other primary human cell types, with the goal of mapping all cell types central to major disease pathology. CAMP4 is executing on targets to develop a robust internal pipeline of drugs while forging strategic collaborations in parallel to maximize the broad discovery and development opportunities presented by its platform.

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