Agilent, Imperial College London Strengthen Partnership

Agilent Technologies and Imperial College London have announced that several state-of-the-art analytical instruments have been installed into the college’s Molecular Sciences Research Hub.

The new Agilent Measurement Suite (AMS) will provide Imperial faculty, researchers, students, and collaborators access to the latest analytical instruments. With the help of Agilent instruments, scientists will be better able to push forward their interdisciplinary research in areas such as clinical diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals, energy and chemicals, materials, food, agriculture, and environmental testing.

“Imperial is one of the world’s leading universities, and this suite opening demonstrates that Agilent is a catalyst for the advancement of science through academic research,” said Jack Wenstrand, Agilent’s director of University Relations and External Research. “Agilent’s products and the collaborative engagement of our technical staff will accelerate academic research at Imperial as we explore measurement needs of the future.”

“The generous contribution that Agilent is making in establishing the Agilent Measurement Suite will have a tremendous impact on our capacity to perform globally significant science across a range of challenges in human and animal health, the development of new molecules and materials, and in enhancing their understanding of our environment,” said Professor Tony Cass, Professor of Chemical Biology, Department of Chemistry and Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London and Fellow of both the Royal Society of Chemistry and Society of Biology.

“Exciting as the access to advanced instrumentation is, also exciting is the opportunity to work closely with Agilent’s engineers and applications specialists in a collaboration that will both advance the science and define the requirements for the next generation of instrumentation,” said Professor Cass. “As director of the AMS, I’m looking forward with keen anticipation to working with colleagues across the college to do exciting and important science enabled by the Agilent instrumentation.”

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