Seven Bridges Launches Automation Tools and Services

Seven Bridges has announced the availability of the Seven Bridges Automation Tools and Services. This offering combines advanced automation capabilities with a cloud platform for execution.

The new Seven Bridges Automation Tools and Services enable biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies to increase productivity by bringing a diverse set of users into one environment.  Scripts written with the Python Automation Development Kit (ADK) automatically gain concurrency, dependency management, memoization, retries, execution logs, and much more, enabling developers to focus on business logic and ultimately, reduce their lines of code by up to 80%.

"Development and maintenance of complex bioinformatics pipelines absorbed a substantial amount of our in-house resources," said Jeremy Wu, Senior Investigator, H3 Biomedicine. "With the Seven Bridges Platform and Automation, we now have the ideal solution to quickly develop and run pipelines collaboratively, which enables us to focus on the relevant science."

The Seven Bridges Automation product suite consists of the following components:

  • Automation Development Kit (ADK): Python libraries to accelerate automation script development. Automation scripts written with the ADK are also deployable and executable on the Seven Bridges Platform.
  • Automation Command Line Interface (CLI): Extension to the Seven Bridges CLI to manage, start, and monitor automations on the Seven Bridges Platform.
  • Automation Application Programming Interface (API): REST API that gives programmatic access to automation services.
  • Automation Visual Interface (GUI): Extension to the Seven Bridges Web interface to manage, start, and monitor automations. Use your own custom front ends for hassle-free setup of new automation runs, for example with a step-by-step wizard implemented in R Shiny that validates user inputs before kicking off a new run.

"These advancements are core to enabling organizations to optimize their Product-to-Market lifecycle," said Bill Moss, CEO, Seven Bridges. "With a complete bioinformatics ecosystem, including Automation, at the center of research and development efforts, organizations can increase efficiency and reduce computational workflow times and data storage costs, resulting in millions of dollars of savings, ultimately, delivering more products to market faster."

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