Exploristics Announces Upcoming Launch of KerusCloud 2.0

Exploristics, has announced plans to launch an updated version of its cloud-based data analytics platform for clinical trial design, KerusCloud 2.0, by the end of the summer.

The software offers second-generation simulation capabilities providing a virtual environment for optimizing clinical study design and data analysis through the processing power of cloud computing.

First launched in 2018, KerusCloud is currently the only software available that can simulate trials with multiple correlated outcomes, allowing it to untangle the complex relationships between the many biological factors that can influence a study’s outcome. Its cloud-based approach makes the simulation of complex studies an affordable and accessible option regardless of project size.

KerusCloud 2.0 builds on its capability enabling more realistic clinical trial simulations thanks to a new feature that generates correlated data for sub-groups within a patient population, facilitating the investigation of precision medicine or adaptive development pathways. This means clusters of patients in a clinical trial grouped by factors such as genetics, risk factors and biological sub-types can be looked at in greater detail, enabling clinical development teams to pursue more complex clinical strategies with in-silico design tools.

The latest version also delivers an enhanced user experience with simulations that are 96 times faster allowing users to explore a greater range of options in a much shorter time period. Additionally, increased security features have been added, such as multi-factor authentication.

KerusCloud 2.0 also provides improved, interactive graphical representations that allow users to explore multiple design scenarios for their trial to make informed data-driven decisions aligned to their clinical and business objectives.

“We’ve already witnessed the profound difference KerusCloud can make to our customers’ clinical trials, with one customer saving $25m and 3 years development time in their clinical development strategy,” Dr. Aiden Flynn, CEO of Exploristics, who founded the business in 2009, said. “The updated KerusCloud 2.0 puts clinical development teams at the forefront of complex study design supporting key-decision-making to optimize and accelerate clinical development strategies.”

The potential of the KerusCloud platform to transform the speed and efficiency of bringing new medicines to market has been recognized by government bodies and Exploristics was recently awarded a £1m Innovate UK loan to extend its capabilities by integrating it into an intelligent software ecosystem.

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