Elekta Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement with DOSIsoft

Elekta has signed a distribution agreement with DOSIsoft, a company that offers patient-specific quality assurance (QA) software, to be the sole distributor of three DOSIsoft patient QA products – MU2Net, EPIbeam and EPIgray®.

QA is a component of the radiotherapy workflow, ensuring that a treatment plan is suitable to treat the diagnosed condition, that the linac will deliver the plan as intended, and following beam delivery – that the plan has been delivered as intended.

"Radiotherapy is a precise treatment modality, but like any complex method it's not infallible," says Maurits Wolleswinkel, Elekta's President Linac Solutions. "Human error and other faults can creep in unnoticed unless you have the proper checks. That's what the tools for machine and patient QA in Elekta Assurance – including the DOSIsoft products – are designed to detect and correct. Ensuring patient safety is the ultimate goal in using these solutions.

"With the DOSIsoft software, Elekta now positions itself as a single-source provider of QA software," he adds. "Instead of requiring clinics to piece together a complete QA solution from multiple vendors, they can take advantage of Elekta Assurance to acquire validated software that works for all QA-related workflows."

"We are delighted to be part of Elekta's group of trusted third-party partners," says Marc Uszynski, CEO of DOSIsoft. "This agreement validates our R&D investments in software over the years and our focus on patient QA. We share with Elekta the importance and value of quality assurance solutions for more precise, efficient, secure and personalized cancer treatments."

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