H.E.L Group Strengthens North American Operations

H.E.L Group (H.E.L), a developer and manufacturer of laboratory tools for process optimization, safety, and scale-up, announced that it has expanded its operations in North America, with the establishment of a West Coast hub in California, and a Central Region hub in Missouri. Strengthening H.E.L’s existing presence in New Jersey, the new hub locations will encompass sales, technical and field application support, and instrument service with West Coast and Central hub operations headed up by newly appointed sales managers Kathy Nguyen and Keith Murray respectively.

Adopting a regional hub strategy across the continent, customers will benefit from enhanced ‘local’ sales, technical and service support provided in-region through face-to-face support. The in-region support is further enhanced with an improved remote support service dedicated to serving North America. Better provisioned spares and service stock is being evaluated to ensure speed and quality of service are maximized for all US customers.

H.E.L’s expansion of its US operations supports customers carrying out cutting-edge research vital to achieving global health improvement and sustainability goals. Early indications from the Biden administration signal the US government’s continued commitment to these goals, with funding for health-related initiatives and clean energy technology seen as a priority. These goals are mirrored in private companies who are also investing in technologies such as batteries for electric vehicles and biofuels and bioplastics, to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. 

Louise Madden, CEO of H.E.L Group, commented: “North America has long been a powerhouse of scientific output, and we expect that to continue. Our recent recruitment efforts underline our commitment to the region by expanding our team to enhance our customer support and further our mission to create a healthier, sustainable and safer environment for everyone.”

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