Evonik and Stanford University Sign Research Collaboration: Evonik to Market and Develop New Drug Delivery Platform for mRNA and Gene Therapy

Evonik is working with Stanford University on a technology to deliver mRNA to tissues and organs that goes beyond the capabilities of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). This polymer-based platform complements Evonik’s existing portfolio of lipid-based drug delivery, including LNPs. Starting this month, Evonik and Stanford scientists begin a three-year sponsored research collaboration to develop the polymer-based drug delivery system, which Evonik will license and commercialize.

“We are proud to collaborate with Stanford University and combine our innovative power in advanced drug delivery. Through this project we look forward to enabling the next generation of mRNA-based medicine,” says Dr. Thomas Riermeier, head of Evonik’s Health Care business line

The delivery of mRNA effectively and safely into the cell is one of the biggest challenges for expanding the use of mRNA therapeutics to promising fields such as cancer immunotherapy, protein replacement and gene editing. As a leading integrated development and manufacturing partner for advanced drug delivery, Evonik is well-positioned to address many of the pharma industry’s unmet needs. Today, Evonik’s accessible market for LNP-based delivery systems alone is estimated to be in excess of USD 5 billion by 2026.

Across the entire pharmaceutical value chain, Evonik assumes a leading position as a development and manufacturing partner. This includes pharmaceutical excipients such as lipids and custom lipids, formulation development and the manufacturing of clinical samples, as well as commercial drug products. The new polymer-based delivery system developed at Stanford University complements Evonik’s technology platform for mRNA delivery.

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