Medidata and INC Research Expand Technology Partnership

INC Research Holdings, a global Phase I to IV contract research organization (CRO), and Medidata a provider of cloud-based solutions and data analytics for clinical research, announced an expanded technology partnership, helping life sciences researchers conduct faster, more accurate and more cost-effective clinical trials.

Building on the success of Medidata and INC Research’s 10-year relationship, the global CRO has signed a multi-year platform extension for 11 products, and is further expanding its use of the Medidata Clinical Cloud® by using Medidata Payments and adopting Medidata Centralized Statistical Analytics (CSA) enterprise-wide. INC Research will leverage Medidata CSA’s machine-learning capabilities to help sponsors identify unusual clinical trial data anomalies within a study, enabling better prioritization of resources around patient safety and data quality and integrity. An integral part of Medidata’s risk-based monitoring solution, Medidata CSA simplifies the site monitoring process, making it easier for teams to detect and track critical data errors throughout trial execution.

Medidata and INC Research have been working together since 2005, and in 2006, the CRO joined Medidata’s Partner Program. Since then, INC Research has steadily increased its use of the Medidata platform to further enhance its innovative, high-quality research services, bringing benefits to its pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers. By 2013, INC Research had achieved accreditations across nine Medidata products, becoming the first CRO to do so across the entire Medidata Clinical Cloud. Leveraging the Trusted Process®, its metrics-driven methodology, INC Research has conducted more than 360 study builds on the Medidata platform over the last decade.

“Medidata’s partnership with INC Research reflects our shared, long-term commitment to improving clinical trial processes and helping sponsors deliver scientific and medical breakthroughs to patients,” said Medidata’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike Capone. “We’re proud to be INC’s cloud-based, clinical technology platform of choice, and we look forward to celebrating the continued success of our life sciences customers together.”

“INC highly values our collaboration with Medidata,” says Alistair Macdonald, Chief Executive Officer, INC Research. “We first partnered together more than 10 years ago for data management services, and our relationship has since continued to strategically evolve to better meet the needs of our customers for high-quality clinical trial data. When Medidata creates a new tool, they challenge INC to test it, to stretch it, and to provide feedback as to how the product works for us as a leading global CRO. Their cloud-based clinical technology platform, paired with our own Trusted Process® methodology, has been instrumental in successfully supporting our customers and the management of their trials. We’re pleased to celebrate the expansion of our partnership through the use of these new Medidata services.”

The winner of Medidata’s 2015 “Trial of the Future” Award for Operational Excellence, INC Research will offer the following Medidata products to streamline clinical trial processes for its customers: Medidata Rave®, Medidata Coder®, Medidata Balance®, Medidata TSDV, Medidata CSA, Medidata Grants Manager, Medidata Patient Cloud®, Medidata CTMS®, Medidata Payments, Medidata Medical Imaging™, iMedidata®, Medidata Study Design Optimization™ and Safety Gateway™.

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